Garrett Plays

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Your Real Name?

My Real Name Is Garrett

Where Are You From?

I Was Born In Ontario Canada & Still Live In Ontario Canada

Why Did You Start A YouTube Channel? (+ The Channels History)

In 2010 my friend Justin and I heard about the platform 'YouTube'. At the time we were not sure how to post videos but knew we wanted to start making them! We started making videos using Justin's laptop webcam. <More about that shortly!

In January 2011 we figured out how to make our own account and called it '073124232'. Then in March 2012 started uploading the videos we previously created.. The first video we uploaded was titled 'evgani nabov save of the year', this video was made in hopes of going 'viral', followed by the videos mentioned before.

The majority of videos that were recorded between 2010-2012 were uploaded with the title 'funny video'. In these videos we were mainly just messing around and talking about random things. Some of the video topics where, 'Showing How To Give A Wedgie', 'Showing How To Pick Your Nose' and 'Seeing How Many Basketball Trick-Shots We Could Do Inside Justin's Bedroom'. Justin's sister Mel also appeared in a couple of these videos, one of which Justin's step father 'Paul' recorded.

Side Note: There was a short period of time where the channel was called 'The Ellen Show' in hopes of gaining more attraction. Not sure exactly when that change was made.

Once all the previously recorded videos were uploaded, we started doing music covers, Lego stop motion videos, more random videos talking to each other and some occasional gaming videos too.

The first gaming video uploaded to the channel was titled 'shootoutgoal', in this video we used Justin's laptop webcam to record him playing 'NHL 12'. The following video games recorded were 'Minecraft' and 'Club Penguin'. (Fun Fact: The first video I uploaded using a screen capturing software was of the game Club Penguin. That video was released on May 26th 2013)

Justin's last video on the channel was uploaded on June 15th 2013 titled 'me and my bff'.

Side Note: Shortly after Justin left the channel, I changed the name to 'Garrett Dadoun'

On June 11th 2013 I started my first Minecraft series with my friend Cameron, he was also recording this series for his channel 'Camywamy8989'.

The series first episode was titled 'new minecraft', this was when the channel really started focusing more on gaming content.

Side Note: Shortly after this series started, I changed the channel name to 'Garrett Plays Minecraft'

From June 11th 2013 till April 30th 2016, I mainly uploaded Minecraft videos with some occasional 'vlogs' too.

On April 30th 2016 I announced the channels name was transitioning from 'Garrett Plays Minecraft' to 'Garrett Plays' due to wanting the ability to play a larger variety of games on the channel. The announcement video was titled 'New Channel Name!!! UPDATE VIDEO!'. At this point I still mainly uploaded Minecraft videos but also started to record and live stream 'GTA 5' and 'The Forest'.

On March 11th 2017 I decided to quit playing Minecraft and instead play other games with some more occasional vlogs.

On December 5th 2017 I uploaded my first 'Farming Simulator 17' video titled 'Farming Simulator 2017 Winter Mod - SNOW PLOWING / GRASS CUTTING - FS 17 Snow Mod'.

On April 2nd 2019 I emailed 'Spencer TV' a VERY long and well written email asking if I could collaborate on a series with him. On April 8th(or 9th) 2018 we recording our first video together for his channel titled 'HAULING A HOUSE! | SKETCHY BRIDGE | TOWING TUESDAY | FARMING SIMULATOR 2017'.

The video went really good so Spencer TV asked if we could make the video become a series, of course I said YES!

On April 19th 2018, I uploaded the first video I recorded with Spencer. The video was titled 'ANTIQUE LOGGING | SPENCER TV JOINS! | FARMING SIMULATOR 17 (FS17 GAMEPLAY) [P1]'.

During mid November 2018, Farming Simulator 19 was sent to me a couple days early, since then iv mainly been uploading Farming Simulator 19 and Flashing Light Videos.

There Are A Few People I Would Like To Shout-Out For Helping Me Along This YouTube Journey!

In No Specific Order:

  • Spencer TV

  • Caleb

  • The Squad

  • Danielytuk

  • Cameron W.

  • Mad Tom

  • Alfie

  • Gavin

  • Spencer H.

  • Justin A.

  • My Mom <3

  • Steven A.

  • Pajama Slime

  • Helloki

  • Normano

  • AcePilot2k7

*SORRY IF I FORGOT SOME NAMES!* <It Has Been Over 9 Years 😉

What is the Garrett Plays Official Discord server link?

The Garrett Plays Official Discord Server

Do you have a dedicated Farming Simulator Server?

Yes, our middle and high tier Patreon supporters can play on it.

Where can I get GP Nation merchandise?

Can I follow you on Instagram?

Can I follow you on Twitter?

What is the GP Nation YouTube Channel?

The channel has not yet launched but you can subscribe to it here

What is the BEST way to donate to the Garrett Plays channel?

How do I become a channel member and what perks do I receive?

Channel members get a special rank on the discord server, their name highlighted in live stream chats, access to special emojis during live streams, bypass slow-mode in live stream chats and much more! Become a channel member today by joining here

Can I play on the GP Nation Minecraft Server?

YES! Anyone can play FOR FREE! The server IP is

What are you PC specs?

I have a custom built computer that I upgrade quite often. You can find out more information HERE

Can I play flashing lights with you?

Yes! I do live streams on public servers where you can join. The server name is 'GarrettPlays Game' and opens 5 minutes before the stream starts.

Can I play farming simulator with you?

Due to the amount of private mods I play with, I usually will only play with viewers on the Patreon dedicated server

Can I talk to you?

I occasionally join the voice chats on our discord server but will most likely not answer PM calls. The BEST way to contact me is by sending messages in the #general chat!

Can I record a video with you?

I would love to record videos with all of you but sadly that is not possible. I have many things to do everyday besides YouTube so to be completely honest, I will likely not be able to record a video with just you. Sorry!

Can I be a helper or moderator?

Staff are chosen randomly and at selected times (mostly when I need more). The current ways of receiving staff is by helping out in the discord server/stream chat, staying active and most importantly, not asking for it. Again, this doesn't guarantee you staff (helper/moderator), as I only pick new potential staff members when needed.

How can I contact the channels staff?

You need to create a support ticket in our discord servers #contact-staff🎫 chat

How can I notified when videos get posted?

The best way is to check out the discord servers #get-notified-role chat and turn them on directly via the YouTube app!

When do you live stream?

There is no set schedule but I try to stream a few times a week. Usually around 2-4pm Eastern (I will announce exact times in the discord servers #announcements chat)

When do you upload videos?

I upload videos near daily unless I livestream. I try to post 3:30pm Eastern!